Three to four cups of green tea may contain 60 to 160mg of theanine which is believed to lower cortisol levels during stress periods (cortisol production in the body increases during physical stress). Research has also found that the brains output of alpha waves is increased by L-thenanine. Research studies have found that people who produce more alpha brain waves also have less anxiety and highly creative people generate more alpha waves when faced with a problem to solve. Matcha. The world’s healtiest beverage!

See below for just some of the associated health benefits.To read our full article on why Matcha helps to reduce stress and the associated health benefits, please select this link ‘Matcha Health Benefits’

Green tea health benefits

Enhances Calm

Improves Concentration

 Burns Calories

Increases Energy Levels

Detoxifies The Body

High in Antioxidants

 Fortifies Immune System

 Boosts Memory

 Loaded with Catechin, EGCg

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