Matcha Super Premium (40g) Ceremonial Grade. Our Matcha Super Premium is the highest quality ceremonial grade Matcha produced in Japan. Each leaf for this special tea is picked by hand. Mellow, Smooth.

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Our Matcha Super Premium is the highest quality ceremonial Matcha produced in the Uji, Kyoto region of Japan, the traditional home of the world’s finest green teas. Each leaf for this special matcha is selected and carefully picked by our farmers’ skilled hands. Even in Japan, tea leaves of this quality are difficult to find, so we are very pleased to be able to offer you our Matcha Super Premium.

Matcha Super Premium is very smooth and mellow, with a deep taste and excellent noble aroma. There is no bitterness and it’s very suitable for koicha (thick and strong matcha, the special way in tea ceremony) or usucha (thin and weak matcha, the standard way). Made from 100% powdered green tea of ‘Samidori’ and ‘Asahi’ breeds, and only from the shincha harvest (the first tea of the year).

Shaded for 20 to 30 days before harvest by the traditional way of ‘Tana’, which requires skilful technique and great care. Once picked the leaves are dried then ground with a traditional stone mortar and pestle, called a Hikiusu, ensuring you are provided with a rich, vivid green powder. Our Matcha Super Premium is a Matcha Tea of rare quality and purity, even in Kyoto, Japan.


Ceremonial Grade Matcha Tea

Sipped for centuries in the traditional Japanese tea ceremony, ceremonial grade matcha should be the highest quality green tea powder available. This premium grade tea should be a vibrant green colour, with a very delicate taste, no bitterness, and an extremely fine texture. Thanks to its bright green colour, it can easily be recognized from the other tea grades. Ceremonial grade matcha is made from the youngest tea leaves because only the most tender, sweetest leaves, selected with utmost care by hand can be used to ensure the matcha is of the highest quality.

The flavour and aroma of hand-picked tea is much more mellow and smooth than tea trimmed by machine. The tea trees for hand-picked tea are grown differently to machine trimmed tea trees, consequently the tea sprouts of both types of trees grow differently. In the case of tea trees trimmed by machine, tea sprouts grow from the previously trimmed stubble. In contrast, in the case of tea trees picked by hand, tea sprouts shoot from the natural forks in the branches. The flavour and aroma of hand-picked tea is much more mellow and smooth than tea trimmed by machine and the leaves are of a higher quality. In fact all top grade teas, such as hand-picked Gyokuro, hand-picked Sencha, and hand-picked Matcha are grown only in quite small amounts, because there is only one small place in the entire world perfect for farming this special tea – a tiny area of land located in the Uji region of Japan. Therefore, hand-picked tea is very precious.

To learn how to prepare matcha please read our guide by selecting the link below.

Preparation of Matcha


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