Japanese Tea. Sencha 煎茶

The standard and most common form of Japanese tea. It is a green tea which accounts for approximately 80% of the tea sold in Japan. The reason for its popularity? A quality tea at a reasonable price and is probably the best green tea for everyday use.
It is harvested 3 – 4 times a year. Depending on the season of harvest and cultivation process it will have a mix of catechins that create astringency and amino acids (particularly L-theanine) that create a sweet-savouriness called umami (the fifth taste). The young spring harvested leaves produce the finest quality Sencha.
Once the leaves are picked they are ‘fixed’ by steaming, then rolled into a needle-like shape, and dried.

Why choose our Sencha Tea?
Our Sencha Premium is one of the highest quality green teas available from Japan, being carefully selected from Uji spring harvest young leaf tea.
Sencha contains more of the beneficial nutrient Catechin than other green teas, grown in full sunlight, thus becoming yellowish green in colour.
Ensuring we use only the young leaf sprouts that are small and soft and not fully-grown gives our Sencha a wonderful fresh aroma, with a gently astringent taste.
A very mellow and refreshing cup of tea experience.

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