Japanese Tea. Genmaicha 玄米茶

Genmaicha is a green tea mixed with brown rice. Often called brown rice tea, it is actually toasted white rice which is more often used than brown rice. Usually a 1:1 mix of rice and bancha or sencha. This was known as the people’s tea as the rice was used as a filler to reduce the price and make it more affordable for all.

Our Genmaicha Premium is a mellow blend of spring harvest Sencha and roasted puffed brown rice grains. Well-loved for centuries in Japan.

While lower quality Genmaicha is often made with low grade Sencha, our Genmaicha uses only carefully selected spring harvest leaves, ensuring the aroma of our premium Japanese Genmaicha is much more flavourful and smooth than any other Genmaicha on the market. The rice provides the rich and hearty flavour of roasted grains of coffee. The Sencha provides the freshness.

Smooth and full of flavour. Why not replace your coffee consumption with this healthy alternative?

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