Why did we start Matcha Blend Tea?

Matcha Blend Tea was started due to the inability to find fresh, authentic, and most importantly, very high quality Japanese green tea in Europe. There are a lot of green teas sold online and in retail outlets now but they often lack the quality of the finest Japanese green teas. Freshness is so important when it comes to green tea. Unlike the fermented black teas we are familiar with in the west, green teas remain unfermented, having a much shorter shelf life. Green tea can become stale and needs to be stored properly. We buy only in small quantities and place our orders for re-supply when stocks are nearly depleted. This ensures that the quality and freshness is always available. Some tea suppliers in Europe are buying from middle men, tea importers who might have tea stocks for months before it is sold. This is not the model we wanted to follow. Of course there is more profit for us to do business by purchasing our stock this way but our business model does not allow it.

Tea Quality

The quality of green tea can vary greatly, even tea from Japan has different grades; from the hand-picked varieties of the spring harvest, to the machine harvested leaves, to the summer and autumn season leaves, to the blend, and the location of the tea farms. All these factors need to be taken into consideration when purchasing a quality green tea. We source our teas directly from the tea farmers and only from the Uji, Kyoto region of Japan. This is the world’s most famous green tea producing region. Only Uji, Kyoto has the natural geographic conditions necessary for growing the highest quality tea leaves for producing green tea. Matcha Blend Tea does not source green tea from China. The main reason for this is the lack of quality. Tea plants absorb a high rate of pollutants from the air, so even if the plants are raised as organic, lead and other heavy metals are sure to be present. If you do decide to buy a Chinese green tea ask the retailer about the levels of lead and other heavy metals content. Studies have shown that they can be above safe levels, even though they may be certified as organic.

While Matcha has become very popular in Western Europe and the United States there are many more varieties less well known but equally as tasty and healthy. You can enter our shop here or select from the drop down menu at the top of the page to explore the teas available. Enjoy!

Quality matcha tea should be a vivid green colour, with no bitterness. Notice the colour difference. Guess which one is the Japanese matcha?