Why Choose Our Green Tea?

Our philosophy is always to provide only the highest quality products from the most famous green tea producing region in the world; Uji, Kyoto, Japan. It is not possible to source products of equal quality from China or elsewhere. This means our tea may not be as cheap as some other retailers. But we also know that quality Japanese green teas carry a premium price. We could easily source our green teas from China and pay significantly less; in fact teas costing only 2% to 3% of the value of a quality Japanese tea are quiet normal. Many retailers are doing this, making large profits. But there is a reason for the price differential. You really do ‘get what you pay for’.
Sourcing our tea directly from a tea farmer’s co-op in Kyoto, Japan ensures we feel confident in the quality of all our products. This is also very beneficial to the Japanese tea farmer. These are often small independent growers who without the organisation of the co-op would be unable to sell their produce further afield than their local market. Being a member of a co-operative enables them to get their product to a much wider market.
Using a sustainable and fair product sourcing strategy is good for the tea farmer, our customers and our business. We can ensure our customers are always provided with the highest quality teas available. This is the philosophy of Matcha Blend Tea.

The 9 Key Benefits of Drinking Matcha Green Tea

A superfood in the literal sense, matcha green tea health benefits are endless. It’s been proven to reduce
inflammation, boost the immune system, lower cholesterol and prevent cancer.

Enhances Calm

Improves Concentration

 Burns Calories

Increases Energy Levels

Detoxifies The Body

High in Antioxidants

 Fortifies Immune System

 Boosts Memory

 Loaded with Catechin, EGCg

How to Choose Japanese Green Tea?

There are many varieties of Japanese green tea available. Some are well-known and others not so. While Matcha has become very popular in western Europe and the United States there are many more Japanese tea varieties less well known in the west, but equally as tasty and indeed healthy.

Matcha Blend Tea sells a full range of the highest quality Japanese green teas such as Matcha, Gyokuro, Genmaicha, Hojicha, and Sencha.  All produced with the mighty green tea leaf, and all of the highest quality.

Learn about the variety of teas available from Matcha Blend Tea and how to buy tea according to your taste. We also have an article on the harvest seasons of the tea and how this has a significant effect on the quality of the tea. By keeping an open mind and having the willingness to explore the full range of quality Japanese teas will ensure you are rewarded with the rich flavours and healthy lifestyle that Japanese tea can provide.